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Mt Bachelor, from Million Dollar Corner - Large
  • Mt Bachelor, from Million Dollar Corner - Large

    $777.00 Regular Price
    $432.00Sale Price

    Mt Bachelor as seen from "Million Dollar Corner"; you know exactly what corner we're talking about if you've ever made the drive to this world-class ski resort.    Due to the low-angled nature of this mountain that's technically a butte, it is one of the most playful mountains for a snow slider to experience.  It often feels like this place was made for humans to play at.  He lives up to his slogan "Naturally" given the aid of ferocious and consistent winds that shape the snow into playful waves and natural features.  This stencil focuses on the East side of the mountain highlighting the terrain on Sunrise, said to be some of the best learning terrain on the planet.   Above lie some of the best surfable snow waves on the planet.   

    I spent the best ten years of my years my life coaching skiing and snowboarding on this very mountain.  And this was the terrain where I spent most of my favorite moments on.  Sunrise for life. 

    The "meowtain" is backlit with sound-reactive rainbow lights with a 10,000 mAh rechargeable power bank velcroed behind the piece for easy use and charging.  For permanent installation, we recommend installing a light switch-controlled outlet where you plan on hanging the piece and plugging it in with a USB cord so the wires are hidden.  This way the piece can easily be turned on via a light switch on the wall.

    • 24 Gauge Sheet Steel

      American-made steel is cut by hand with fire and then quintuple-treated with a high-end clear coat.  Polishing options vary.  Fully waterproof and rust-resistant, although we recommend not leaving it in direct weather.  

    • Dimensions

      The art piece is 60" wide, 14" tall, and ~2" thick.

    • Weight

      ~10 lbs shipped weight, ~7 lbs with battery and lights.

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