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Product Care

At rising hammer lightworks we take pride in out work and stand behind it for life.

Each and every piece is unique as a result of the nature of working with raw wood and melting steal by hand.  If you ever have an issue with our products, we will work hard to make it right. 

All products are created to order, made in our one-man operated production facility.

My cat Bolt is the head of Quality Control, and expects puuuurfection before I send photos out for client review.

 Therefore, products may take 1-2 weeks to create before shipping,

depending on order levels and framing options.  

LED lights have variable manufacturing standards.  We've spent two years combing the market, and have done our best to source the highest end and most reliable lights available, and we still (rarely) encounter problems.  Therefore, lights and remotes are checked before, during, and after the installation process. 

Most LED lights come with a 50,000 hour lifespan under ideal conditions. 

Prolonged exposure to extreme weather and leaving the lights on for extremely long durations can reduce their lifespan.  It is a commonly held myth that "LED lights do not produce heat"- they simply produce less of it than their counterparts.  Therefore, we highly recommend using the built in timer settings on our high end pieces.  We recommend against operating the lights in direct sunlight on hot days.  If you use the auto timer feature, we are confident that our pieces will function flawlessly for ten years of use at 12 hours a day, every day.  If you feel that you used our product as intended, like taking it to Burning Man for example, and it is still less than 10 years from your date of receiving the product, we'll stand behind it, and fix it for free on our end. 

We just ask that you cover the shipping, and we'll take care of the rest.  

If you ignore our product care guidelines, leave the lights on 24/7, and hang the piece in direct sunlight, we salute you!  And, we'd like to take a moment to remind you that raindrops move mountains- literally.  There may be consequences such as fracturing wood, mold, and 

Straightforward Replacement Cost:


Small Pieces: $100

Medium Pieces: $200

Large Pieces: $300

Wood and Frames:

Half the cost of the original purchase.

We source wood from nature itself, Levi's Sawmill in La Pine, Oregon, and big box home improvement stores.  Each and every piece of wood is different and has unique policies, and we do our best to work with what nature gives us.  Although all wood is at least triple coated in oil based polyurethane front and back, damage from prolonged exposure to the elements should be expected - it is in the nature of wood to rot.  Avoid submerging the pieces or their frames in water of hanging in harsh direct sunlight or rain fall for extended periods of time.  

The steel is with a high end clear coat on both sides, making the pieces almost rust proof.  *almost*

Prolonged exposure to rain and moisture can sometimes result in mild rust, especially if the clear coat has somehow been grinded off in a spot.  Because of the clear coat and the harshness of rust removal products, it is practically impossible to remove rust once it forms without fully polishing the piece and re-treating.  These pieces are absolutely built to travel!  Please take them with you and hang outdoors as you travel.  We highly recommend bringing them to music festivals for camp lighting.  In an ideal world try to hang your piece in a place where it will not experience direct rainfall, yet they are built to withstand that.  And, even in that worse case scenario, your piece is made to endure, and it will likely be just fine.  A complete grinding and polishing of the piece will be required to resolve rust issues, so here are our straightforward pricing if a client ever needs us to help with rust.

Deep Rust Removal, Fine Polishing, and Resealed :

Small Pieces: $100

Medium Pieces: $200

Large Pieces: $300

And finally, our Client Review process.

Don't like the placement of a knot?  The way the grain moves?  Did the steel melt in a weird way at a very important place to you on the mountain that we didn't notice?  All of that and more matters to us. 

Therefore, expect a detailed message with several attached photos via whatever communication method you leave during the checkout process.  Text works best on our end, and we're adaptable. 

We will wait two weeks for a response and then send if you are unavailable. 

If you do not like the finished photos of your piece for any reason, please tell us. 

We haven't climbed every peak in our line, yet; and your eye may see something ours missed. 

Whatever your reason, we'll keep working the piece until it's right for you. 

Anything short of your expectations will be sold as a "B Grade" on our Etsy site.  

Does all of that sound fair, personal, professional, and refreshingly simple? 

We think so.

Privacy & Safety

We will absolutely under no circumstances ever sell your personal data

to any company/individual  for any reason ever.  

Third-party banking to verify payment


Data collected from surveys, comments, and other forms of engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or any other social media platform is gathered for the specific goals of market research and guiding tutorial channels.  At the end of the day, we are here to serve you and elevate your mountain experience from the brands we network with to the movement techniques we recommend.  Your feedback guides this ongoing process and we ask that you stay engaged through comments, emails, and other means to keep our fingers on the pulse.

Your privacy and consent in all that we create is of the highest importance to us. 

Thank you for your continued engagement as we create next level art, events, and tutorials.

Wholesale Inquiries

Discounted prices for bulk orders offered depending on volume. 

We require 50% of order cost before beginning production on large orders or custom pieces.  

 Happy to design custom pieces for special events and festivals for a set rate before production,or silent/live auction during the event.  70/30 split of auction proceeds or greater.  Raw cost of materials requested before starting production on large exhibition pieces planed for auction.  

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards


Offline Payments


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