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Mt Rainier - Large
  • Mt Rainier - Large

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    King of the Cascades, Mt Rainier dominates the central landscape of Washington.  As a wildly beloved icon of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest as a whole, Mt Rainier has inspired everything from cheap beer to high adventure thrills.  It boast as one of the most sought after summits on the planet, drawing mountaineers from across the planet to give it their best. 


    Made out of American cold rolled sheet steel and cut by hand with fire, this gorgeous metal mountain wall art struts luster in the daytime and illumination at night time.  It can mount to any surface, inside the home or outside.  The steel is quintuply coated with a high-end clear coat, plus the lights are waterproof and direct plug-in and/or battery-powered.  Although we recommend not leaving in direct rain, this art piece can also go on the road if packaged correctly.