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Mt Shasta - Large
  • Mt Shasta - Large

    PriceFrom $432.00

    We proudly present our version of Mt Shasta, the mysterious and legendary Queen of the Cascades.  A heritage site of great lore, she dominates the surrounding countryside standing proud and singular at the supposed heart charka of the planet.  Do extraterrestrials really fly spaceships cloaked by lenticular clouds?  Are there millions of fifth-dimensional beings living inside the heart of the mountain in a gorgeous city called Telos?  Or is there just something in the headwaters of the Sacramento River?  Whatever your thoughts on the source of power surrounding this mountain, all who travel here agree on one simple fact: There's something special about Shasta.


    This is more than just beautiful metal art; it's functional lighting for your home, office, or community space.  Sound-reactive color-changing lights are expertly attached behind the steel mountain with great consideration put into how the light will cast across your home.  There are three ways to adjust the setting on the lights; remote control,  smartphone app, and physical switch hidden on the piece.   Each "meowtain" comes with a 20,000mAh USB power bank that is attached with velcro for ease of use while charging.  You can also plug the piece in directly with a standard USB cord.


    We recommend hiring an electrician to install a power outlet on a light switch on the wall where you plan on hanging the piece for the best experience.  

    • 24 Gauge Sheet Steel

    • Dimensions

      60" x 16 " unframed

      Framing sizes vary, usually around 80" x 35" 

    • Weight

      ~ 10 lbs unframed


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